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Office of Financial Aid

Understanding Your Award Letter

Scholarships & Grants

Keuka College-funded scholarships and grants help make a quality, private education affordable for all families.

Nick Morgan '17 with parents, Kim & Bob.

For more than 120 years, Keuka College has been committed to providing an affordable, top-quality education to people from all walks of life and every corner of the world.

We know that every student who comes to Keuka College is unique, and we offer a variety of scholarships and grants based on academic performance, community involvement, and financial need.

In fact, we proudly assist more than 98% of our students with the cost of their college education.

The information on this page provides a brief overview of many of those programs. The best way to tell exactly what your financial aid package will consist of is to apply for admission and submit your FAFSA. Then, we will create a personalized financial aid package based on your unique accomplishments and need.

Academic Scholarships for 2015-16 Academic Year

Academic scholarships (also known as merit awards) are based on your academic performance — cumulative GPA. These awards are just one of the many various types of scholarships that Keuka College makes available. That means you might be eligible for other scholarships and grants as well (and remember: you never have to pay back a scholarship or grant).

Provided you maintain satisfactory academic performance, these scholarships are awarded each year, for up to four years, while you are at Keuka College. 

Freshmen Academic Scholarships

Victorian Strobel '17 with her mom, Marcia.

  • The Board of Trustees Scholarship is valued at $15,000 each year. To qualify, your GPA must be between 3.5 – 4.0 or 90 – 100%.
  • The Keuka College Presidential Scholarship is valued at $13,500 each year. To qualify, your GPA must be between 3.0 – 3.49 or 85 – 89%.
  • The Keuka College Gold Scholars Award is valued at $11,500 each year. To qualify, your GPA must be between 2.5 – 2.99 or 80 – 84%.

Transfer Academic Scholarships

  • The Transfer Achievement Award is valued at $8,000 per year. To qualify, your GPA must be at least 3.5.
  • The Transfer Scholarship is valued at $6,000 per year. To qualify, your GPA must be between 3.25 and  3.49.
  • The Transfer Acorn Award is valued at $4,000 per year. To qualify, your GPA must be between 3.0-3.24
  • All members of Phi Theta Kappa are eligible for a $2,000 scholarship in addition to the Transfer Achievement Award or the Transfer Scholarship.

George H. Ball Community Achievement Award

Samantha Peacock '17, recipient of the George H. Ball Community Achievement Award

The George H. Ball Community Achievement Award, named for the College’s first president and founder and funded in part by the Ball Foundation, is for those students who have made a significant impact on their community through volunteer service.

This $17,000 award is given to five incoming freshmen each academic year, September through January. The award is renewed for those students annually, provided they maintain satisfactory academic performance.

This  award requires a separate application. Click here to learn more about the George H. Ball Community Achievement Award.

Additional Keuka College Scholarships

Program Details Annual Amount
Keuka 911 Service Scholarship For recipients of the New York State World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship. Covers tuition, room and board not covered by that scholarship. Varies
American Baptist Scholarship Students must be a member of the American Baptist Church and must submit a letter of recommendation from their pastor. $6,000
Keuka Urban League of Rochester Scholarship Five scholarships available to high school seniors who are enrolled in the Black Scholars/Early Recognition Program. $1,000
Today’s Students – Tomorrow’s Teachers (TSTT) Ten scholarships available to high school seniors who are TSTT participants who enroll in our teacher education programs. 1/2 Tuition

Legacy Awards

Kelsea Flynn '17 with her mom, Rebecca '14

Legacy awards are for those students who will continue a family tradition by attending Keuka College.

  • The Keuka Family Award is awarded to members of the same immediate family who are attending Keuka at the same time. Valued at $1,000 per academic year.
  • The Keuka Heritage Award is awarded to children and grandchildren of Keuka alumni. Valued at $1,000 per academic year.
  • The Keuka Tradition Award is awarded to students who are relatives of Keuka alumni and not eligible for a Heritage Award. Valued at $1,000 per academic year.

Grants Based on Your Family’s Financial Need

A variety of need-based financial aid is available from Keuka College, the state, and the federal government. You do not need to pay back grants from any of these sources. 

Grant Program Details Annual Amount
Keuka Grant For students who demonstrate financial need beyond federal and state assistance. Varies
Federal Pell Grant Available almost exclusively to undergraduates Up to $5,730
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) For undergraduates with exceptional financial need; Federal Pell Grant recipients take priority. Up to $4,000
New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Based on New York state taxable income for New York residents attending college full time in New York. Up to $5,165

Additional Grant & Scholarship Information

The following Web sites provide information about external grants and scholarships that may be available to you.